Hair care

Stop Hair Loss – What You Need To Do

Everyone has heard the term prevention is better than cure and this is never truer than for hair loss. Instead of suffering from this and watching your hair fall out you can take action and stop hair loss in its tracks.

This is really the best way to stop hair loss. By tackling it before it even sets it. As you probably know most hair loss can be blamed on your genes or your parents. You just need to take a look at them to get an idea but even if they are bald all is not lost. You can tack action to stop this.

The most important thing you can do is to take care of your hair. It is only when you start ignoring this advice that you will not only notice hair loss but you will see the problem accelerating as well.

Avoid using a hairdryer. This burns the scalp and damages your hair. The same goes for brushing your hair. Pulling it much with comb damage the follicles and your hair. Anything that heats up the scalp like a dryer can damage it and the same goes for using chemicals on it. If you can avoid coloring it do so and stops hair loss.

Preventing hair loss is not something you do once a week. It is something you do every day. What you eat affects your hair, what you drink affects your hair and how you wash it affects your hair as well.

Getting enough protein, calcium and vitamins in your diet and using a good shampoo on your head is what matters. Doing this will keep your hair fit and healthy and make sure that you use a good conditioner as well after washing your hair.

If you are determined to prevent hair loss there are many natural treatments you can take to stop this. What you should avoid though are chemical treatments that carry side effects have to be prescribed by doctors.

Hair loss is caused by testosterone and this does not just cause hair loss in men but in women as well. Natural and some chemical treatments prevent this by reducing the production of DHT which in stops testosterone causing hair loss.

If you want to stop hair loss follow this advice and take action before you start losing it and not when you have no more hair left.