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Shaving Your Head Bald is a Hair Loss Solution for Hair Loss

Hair loss is something that is inevitable in a person’s life. It is quite normal to have hair falling when combing and shampooing your hair. This is mainly because 10% of the hair on your scalp usually lies dormant. It is this hair that eventually falls after two or three months to give room for new strands of hair.It is when you find that you are experiencing hair loss that is higher than usual, that you should think of looking for hair loss solutions. There are different types of hair loss solutions available for the different types of hair loss. Hair loss can start from many reasons like stress, some medication, fungal infections, cancer therapy or hormonal imbalances.

The hair loss solution for hair loss that arises from some medication can be solved by terminating the medication. With a consultation with your doctor, this medication will be substituted with some other medication that will not induce hair loss. If the cause for your hair loss is a fungal infection, a visit to the dermatologist is the hair loss solution. The dermatologist will either prescribe you antibiotics for the infection or give an injection. With this injection, hair loss is usually stopped.

Cancer therapy usually induces hair loss. Since cancer therapy is inevitable, the cancer patient is most likely to lose hair. The hair loss solution here would be to wear some caps or scarves once there is hair loss as once cancer therapy is complete hair loss usually stops wherein new hair starts growing on the scalp. Today, there are some doctors that add some protein supplement to try and avoid hair loss in the cancer patient. This usually prevents hair loss in the cancer patient.

Hair loss from hormonal imbalances is predominant in women who experience lots of changes in their hormonal levels during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. This is a natural phenomenon in a lady’s body, and the hair loss solution here would be usage of hair loss products and perhaps hormonal supplements in some cases. There are many hair loss products available on the market today where some of them need a prescription from a doctor, and some don’t.

It is always better to buy hair loss solutions offered from reputed companies. At present, Monoxadil, Avacor, Propecia and Proxiphen are the tops prescription and nonprescription hair loss solutions. They offer different degrees of success in the re-growth of your hair it depends on the extremities of your hair loss, and the cause. With the rise of hair loss, there is a rise in non-prescription hair loss products like Provillus.

Provillus is a hair loss solution that helps you keep your hair healthy and shiny. It is specially formulated for women hair loss by seeding the scalp and thereby creating the right environment for growing hair. It rejuvenates dead hair follicles with the right nutrition and also prevents hair loss. In addition to this, vitamin supplements are a great hair loss solution for most cases of hair loss. There are some vitamins that are specific in helping stop and prevent hair loss, and if you are a man, sometimes turning bald and starting a new fad proves to be the best hair loss solution!