Coole men hairstyles with beard trends 2018/2019. Men wear again Bart: stubble, goatee, beard, mustache – the choice is wide. But why can a beard and beard which fits which hairstyling? Answers and inspiration you find here

Not every man wants every morning to shave his beard. But each man will occasionally experiment with his facial hair.

The beard distinguishes the man from the woman and the boy. He emphasizes his virility and opened it additional styling options next hairstyle and outfit. Man can try something new again. And the great thing here is: to grow the beard does not cost anything and he is shaved off quickly.

With a beard man can cause a complete makeover. A beard in about Boho style conveys a certain closeness to nature and coolness. A three-day beard also exudes permeability but looks sleeker than the full beard. Boyish men may look older, edgier and more powerful with a beard. But this also means that one should refrain from a full beard after a certain age, if you want to look young.

A beard is striking. And he may be the trademark if it is particularly conspicuous and not normally. Use the best beard growth products and be strong and cool. 

Styling and care tips for the beard

Generally speaking, the shorter and more defined the beard, the more elegant. Or the other way around: the longer and less trimmed the beard, the more permeable.

Whether stubble or beard: The game of the neck, below Adam’s apple, please be sure to shave – acting kept the look and can act not a bit less casual.

Some men do it for a certain length beard not go, because the beard at some point begins to itch. The simple trick: Apply Body Oil. This keeps the beard and skin supple.

The proper beard at the right time

Not every man can carry any type of beard. Be it because of the weak beard growth or because of the face shape. If you are unsure which option is available: Try your new look once on vacation or on a weekend and see how you feel with it and how it arrives in your immediate family and circle of friends. Also keep in mind that a full beard in the summer might be too warm while he’s exactly why could be the right choice in winter.