Hair care

How to Grow Long hair Fast

Everywhere you turn people are suffering from hair loss. Is it your imagination or have they been putting something in the water? What is going on?

It is not just older people who suffer from hair loss, teenagers are suffering from it now too and it affects girls as well as women.  It is not your imagination but there are plenty of reasons for this and you can stop it. If you want to know how to grow long hair fast and keep it thick read on.

What is causing this hair loss?

  • Stress;
  • Poor Diet;
  • Lack of vitamins and proteins;
  • Poor hair care.

These and a combination of these are responsible for hair loss.  The younger you are when hair loss begins the worse it affects you and some people take drastic action to stop it that they later regret.

Taking chemical treatments for hair loss can and does leave men impotent and they have so many side effects People turn round and say “ I would rather go bald” when they discover these side effects.

There are steroids that are supposed to help as well but these can cause organ damage and you may not suffer the consequences until years later.

Anyone suffering from hair loss should use natural treatments that have no side effects

And will keep your hair on your head without damaging the rest of your body.

DHT is the biggest cause of hair loss. For anyone who does not know what this is. DHT is responsible for genetic hair loss and stopping it is vital if you want to keep your hair as it is. This affects women as well as men and can be stopped with natural treatments that act to block its production.

Colouring and bleaching your hair can be damaging as well. Some treatments use very harsh chemicals and after using them only a couple of time many people notice hair loss and damage to the scalp. Either you avoid these or do at it a reputable salon.

Eating a healthy diet will work wonders for your hair. Turning dull, thinning and unhealthy looking hair healthy again. The old saying you are what you eat is reflected in your hair. Eating a poor diet WILL give you poor hair. Since hair is 95% protein.

If you want to keep your hair on your head and want to grow  long hair fast and as thick as possible eat a healthy diet and take hair supplements to make sure it stays thick and healthy.