Hair care

How To Fight With Brittle Hair

Hair is the hallmark of any woman, so when they have an unhealthy appearance, they can be the cause of many experiences and complexes. And such a problem as brittle hair, a woman gives a lot of trouble.

In this article, we will talk about the causes of brittle hair, how to eliminate them and turn your hair into shiny flowing curls.

Why Does Hair Become Brittle?

At risk are those who often use a hairdryer or iron for hair styling. If time permits, dry your hair in a natural way. Some brands of hair dryers offer to dry the hair with cold air – for example, Babyliss blow dryers ideal for damaged hairs.

To get rid of brittleness, you need to try to damage the hair as little as possible. What material is your comb made of? Your hair is fragile, most likely due to the fact that your comb with frequent teeth and not made of wood. And do not brush your hair immediately after washing your hair. In addition, with caution, use hairpins with jewelry, where the hair may be tangled.

The hair is adversely affected by the sun, cold air, rain, wind and ultraviolet rays from the tanning bed.

The cause of fragility can be hair styling, in which the integral component is alcohol. It dries hair, and therefore it is brittle.

If you are going to dye your hair, then the paint should be gentle with the content of moisturizers and nutrients. Perm is generally undesirable for brittle hair.

Hair can become brittle if you wear a braid, tail, or bouffant for a long time. Therefore, try to dissolve the hair at least at home.

Do not forget that the hair reflects, first of all, the state of your internal organs. Try to eat a balanced, give up bad habits, if they exist. Be physically active and have a good rest. Only this way you will solve the problem of brittle hair, and they will become brilliant and beautiful. Your diet should be more fruits and vegetables, nuts and herbs. Also, the reason for brittle hair is that little water enters the body, because of this they become dry and weak. Therefore, drink more water: the daily rate should be about 2 liters.

Correctly Select Cosmetics For Brittle Hair

In case of brittle hair, you need to use a special shampoo. Plain is unlikely to make your hair shiny and healthy. What should be shampoo? The composition of these shampoos are substances with regenerating properties: lecithin, herbs (chamomile, mint, wheat germ, linden), as well as vitamins of group B.

The stores sell special cosmetics that create a protective layer on the surface of the hair and contribute to its restoration. Therapeutic balms, consisting of plant proteins, keratin, henna and brewer’s yeast, strengthen hair. They are usually applied to the hair after washing and do not wash off.

Properly Care For Brittle Hair

The mask of olive or almond oil perfectly restores and nourishes the hair, preventing their fragility. It is applied once a week. The oil is evenly applied over the entire length of the hair, gently rubbed and washed off after 30 minutes.

You can achieve a good effect by making a compress from warm oil. It is applied to the hair, on top of it polyethylene and a warm towel are applied. After an hour you can flush. You can also rinse your hair with a solution of water and lemon juice. Best for such a compress suitable burdock oil. It is better to do it every ten days.

There is another rather effective and useful hair mask. Mix in a container of one teaspoon of vegetable oil, henna, honey, brandy and egg yolk.

Rinse the hair can be infusion of herbs such as chamomile and mint, as well as birch leaves and linden flowers.