Step by Step: Herringbone plait fishtail braid hair tutorials & hairstyles. Herringbone plait hairstyles, fishtail hair, braid hairstyles for 2014 women’s hair trends and hairstyle. Braided hairstyles tutorials 2014.

Our second hairstyle is the infamous herringbone plait. Although the braided her hair looks very complex but can be thanks to our understandable step-by-step instructions (including video), and with a little practice, easily Nachstylen.

In the pictures, we show you how you can Nachrichten a fishbone plait step by step

Step 1: tie downs Ponytail

Let’s start with a very simple step, Bind your hair into a low ponytail …

Step 2: turn Ponytail

Well … you can even turn from front to back through the top section of hair the horse tail. If you want to have no pigtail chosen herringbone, you can skip this step …

Step 3: Share braid

Now … you have the ponytail into two equal share great plaits and braids can begin!

Step 4: Disconnect Thin streak

The herringbone braids is not as hard as it looks: Disconnects the first thing a very thin strand from the right braid from the outside and then submit them to the left braid inside added …

Step 5: Repeat the process

Separates … then a very thin strand from the left braid from the outside (not the strand that you added previously) and submit them to the right braid inside added. Repeat this process until all the hair is braided and secure with a hair tie. Finish the herringbone is plait!

Herringbone plait: All Steps Overview

Do not worry if the herringbone plait does not work immediately, because practice makes perfect you know, you!