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Are you looking for the latest hair trends this year?

If you have long hair, then you already know some of the trendy hairstyles and wearing this probably. However, there are several new hairstyles 2019 long hair, you should not let unprobiert! There are a ton of great hairstyles that you can try out easier than you think! Whether straight hair, braids, or pinned up, here we present some fantastic hairstyles for the new year.

Great hairstyles for your long hair 2019

The fixed nodes

Your long hair makes this hairstyle a node with more volume than in the known nodes hairstyles. A reinterpretation of a classic. Wrap a scarf or a network and therefore up around a headband to bind the hair together.

The split Ponytail

This bizarre ponytail starts high up on the head and divided the hair into sections. A glamorous makeover that works. Secured with rubber bands and pins, this ponytail can loose a wild night on the town, on the red carpet or a cozy get-together with the girls survive.

Side-braided hairstyle

This look combines an elegant braid on one side with perfectly curled waves. The hair with a curling iron after straightening form, then weave a small braid on one side and secure with a rubber and the irresistible hairstyle is ready.

Velvets waves

This elegant long haircut is formed by the use of hot oil, a flat iron and curling iron. Treat your hair weekly hot oil treatment. The hair set and drag with the curling iron sophisticated and elegant curls up down.

Invent a new you with new long hairstyles

The new long hairstyles are all the rage this year. It combines the unique nature with the inspiration of celebrities and combines these with various components. Try the best hairstyles 2019 long hair, harvest compliments galore and press your personality in a whole new style.