Gucci Première Eau de Toilette and Parfum. “Gucci Première” comes for the summer in a lighter eau de toilette edition thus (left, right: EdP). The perfume classics making it a perfect companion for everyday life in the summer and convinced by a zitrische top note, which turns into floral notes of jasmine and freesia and warm notes of leather and patchouli 30ml to 62 euro Gucci premiere eau de perfume price.

Gucci Premiere, Red Carpet, Hollywood and others

“Time to challenge the Hollywood celebrity Inspired Gucci Premiere, the modern woman is the symbol of Blake Lively you by being introduced to you this with the perfume, the red carpet at the invitation of yourself as one of them will feel a smell greet.” Gucci Premiere designer perfume lovers sentence above, using the promotion of perfumes made ​​in 2012. Gucci Premiere at the same time in 2010 Cannes Film Festival before and served in huge successes Gucci Premiere women’s clothing collection dedicated to the making, couture along with a series kombinlen could smell design emerges.

Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director of the brand’s website to see what I have said for perfume. Gucci Premiere, each “star” celebrates women. This woman of a business meeting, a court or a movie star woman inspired as we can. Responsible, successful in business, both mother and wife, both successful in business, and everyone is at peace with itself as shown by the fingers may be a modern icon. Here Gucci Premiere designed for these ladies. ”

When we look at the sub-text to the description of perfume and more aroma and notes without comprehending our coat of silence pass ilikleyip feeling aroused. Success is talking about women. Like a man caught outside, like a woman motherly attitude speaks of home. Excite you more than we want to look at the notes of the smell.

Gucci premiere in 2012 launched a fresh spicy woody fragrance. Initial notes of bergamot, orange blossom aromas and luxurious like the smell of vintage champagne and pop with enthusiasm. And effective aphrodisiac fused with feminine effervescent bergamot, orange blossom scent, like an explosion, even at the entrance to the red carpet just like the excitement surrounds us. Middle notes of white flowers, musk and suddenly an intense bouquet of fresh-cut, combined with brilliant white flowers, turns into a magnetic lust.

Timeless charm, sensuality and integrating with perfectly balanced flavor. About 4 hours later we were finally on the wood, the smell of warm, insightful, smoky, balsamic, creamy skin and a cocktail in the forest are presented as deceptive. A dizzying aroma, calculated up to the finest detail and excitement to the red carpet smell thought. Than would be expected from Gucci anyway.