Long hair does not look quite boring. With a twist can consist of full mane ruckzuck a trendy hairstyle arise. And this is often very easy on the hand. Whether tied together ponytail or a noble banana, these hairstyles are quite hinzubekommen with a little practice alone. If you decide on a ponytail, then this can be varied differently. This can, for example, be separated before tying a strand side and wound after bonding over’s hair tie. To fix the streak then you need a thin hair clip with which you sent the strand attached under the braid. It is also interesting that this hairstyle is easily applicable even in the business, and fits any clothes.

Plotting shoulder-length hair stepped through, so they can be matched with a little wax and paint in perfect shape. This then gives a wild styling that just can be worn at parties or in everyday anytime. If you have naturally straight hair, this can be set with a little mousse and a curling iron perfectly. This results in a playful romantic look that emphasizes the femininity. But who has naturally curly and this time want to wear smooth, it can Makeover with a flat iron in a short time. If one does this to conclude with a right styling product, spray, so the hair is permanently preserved and saved the day.

A simple variant would be the classic bun. What was regarded as old-fashioned times before, is now absolutely IN and can be worn with any outfit. However, the Dutt is not the same as a bun. Now you can also cook it in different ways. Elegant but casual or sexy. If you want to wear the bun, for example, at leisure, so it does not have to be as accurate stuck. Simply summarized loose braid and secure with a hair tie or hairpins. Nor does the groovy haircut, if you still plucking than highlight a few highlights from the pigtail and this brings a little wax advantage.

But what absolutely to listen to for long hair, are accessories like chi hair straightener. Even the Chinese knew how to make hair artfully. With handcrafted wooden rods for example, a bun can be spiced up quickly. But also a pretty tiara looks just on special occasions very glamorous from long hair. As you can see, there are many ideas for long hair just act nice. You just have to implement.